NASA Commander Tweets To Take Questions In Space


NASA astronaut Mark Polansky, commander of the next space shuttle mission to the
International Space Station, is sharing the final weeks of his training on Twitter.
Polansky invites followers to submit questions that he will answer from orbit during
his mission, STS-127, targeted to launch in June. Questions should be submitted in
the form of a video not longer than 30 seconds, posted to YouTube, and a link to the
video sent to Polansky’s twitter account at:

Questions will be selected each week to be among those Polansky will answer from space,
live on NASA Television. The questions that have been selected will be announced on
his Twitter feed each week.

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  1. NASA is a cover up for the the black projects. Do you expect us to listen to the ferry tales told by NASA? They faked moon landing (it was like a Hollywood movie). You guys are covering up the life on Mars. Who knows NASA was actually landed rovers on Mars? It can be another fake movie. It shall be named as Fake-NASA.

  2. I could have easily Google'd for the answer smart one.

    Your first sentence failed for calling it "space program" rather than the program's specific name.
    So you call me a "stupid bitch" for your lacking in sentence development, good luck with your life.

  3. like kill him and take a look whats in there? XD … well when they are…they definitelly don't want that we know about them…and if they would like to know what we are… well they don't need to make any research….we transmit about us a lot (tv, internet) what a bunch of stupidity we are XD… for them it's like for us to comunicate with a hen and explain what is a theory of relativiti…thats what I think

  4. I would know what to do…sing a song about how nice the Earth is…the hell would nobody know what to do! probably I would ask you out there on the moon…wanna play cricket? XD

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