NASA LGBT Pride Month Profile Larry C Liou, Glenn Research Center


Larry C. Liou is a project manager in the Space Science Project Office at NASA John H. Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Born in Taiwan, ethnic heritage Chinese, Liou immigrated to the United States in 1977 where he raised a family, graduated from the University of Toledo, Suma cum Laude, and started his NASA career in science and engineering. Early in his career, Liou researched rocket propulsion, transitioned to management and eventually to earth science. “I am passionate about Earth Science that studies Earth as a planet which carries our affection, gratitude, respect and curiosity,” said Liou.

Currently keeping Liou busy is a project that uses a sensor on an aircraft to observe the harmful algal blooms on Lake Erie. Personally, Liou loves, respects and takes care of animals. “They have contributed to human’s wellness and prosperity in most major ways,” Liou said. Liou is also a musician, constantly thankful for the gift of music and music playing, which brings Liou joy and beautiful imagination. Plus, Liou sails “sailing takes me to nature and learning to utilize everything I have learned on journeys.”

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  1. Really??? Can we stick to Science and not our sex lives. Come on NASA, you're better than this. Leave politics out of this channel.

  2. Yes actually this is a science issue. Scientifically speaking there is nothing wrong with being gay its normal and common among other species. Science is about seeking truth. The truth is that gay doesn't matter. Anti gay people have no good reason to prevent other people from getting married. Religion isn't a justifiable reason. I fully support NASA and its very sad to see scientifically minded people in the comments section fall prey to biases and bigotry.

  3. This is great, and I find it appropriate for NASA to address their view on the topic. As Larry Liou said, NASA works with space, and thus deals with earth as a whole, neglecting the differences people have. This video is in no way forcing people to support LGBT nor is it honoring it. I'm sure they accept everyone else just as equal. I saw this as just a way for them to celebrate something that's historic in human society. If you dislike the whole issue, that's perfectly fine; no one's asking you to do anything. People don't have to believe in what others believe in, they just have to accept that others think differently.

    Sorry if I ranted too much there..:)

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