NASA Premieres ‘Trial By Fire’ video on Orion’s Flight Test


As the flight test of NASA’s Orion spacecraft nears, the agency released Oct. 8 a video detailing the spacecraft’s test and the critical systems engineers will evaluate during the Dec. 4 flight. Orion is in the final stages of preparation for the uncrewed flight test that will take it 3,600 miles above Earth on a 4.5-hour mission to test many of the systems necessary for future human missions into deep space. After two orbits, Orion will reenter Earth’s atmosphere at almost 20,000 miles per hour, and reach temperatures near 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit, before its parachute system deploys to slow the spacecraft for a splashdown in the Pacific Ocean.

On future missions, the Orion spacecraft will carry astronauts farther into the solar system than ever before, including to an asteroid and Mars.

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  1. Nice but it´s a super Soyus capsule.
    What happened whit "USA rule the space".
    Now we are copyinng our ruskie friends, and saying its a new idea!
    In any case, good aproach to future space programs.for deep space.
    But please,give credit to the ruskies that resolved the ballistics of re entry, decades ago.

  2. It's inspiring to see that the young folks at NASA are ignoring it's past and forging ahead to really try and actually tackle man in space. Let the old folks and others cling to their belief; let them have their 60's moon landing if they like. It does no harm. Their generation will soon pass. Meanwhile, the younger generation is rolling up their sleeves and getting to work!

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