NASA Science Live: Landsat – A Legacy of Seeing Earth from Space


Earth is changing, and these changes can be seen from space. A series of satellites built by NASA and operated by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) have been monitoring and tracking changes across our planet for almost 50 years. Adding to this legacy circling the globe every 99 minutes and collecting images of the Earth landscapes and coastal regions, Landsat 9 will continue to answer the many questions we have about Earth’s climate change, population growth and even your very own food supply. Join experts on #NASAScience Live Thursday, Sept. 30 at 3:00 p.m. ET to learn more. Submit your questions by using #Landsat

Meet the experts:
Your host for this episode is Jacob Richmond, the Earth Science Communications Manager at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Jacob joined NASA after retiring from the Air Force after 20 years of service. In his spare time he loves to hike and travel with his family.

Dr. Liz Hoy is a Senior Scientist at NASA Goddard and is our fire expert for this episode. Dr. Hoy started her graduate studies in remote sensing science where she went to Alaska, hiked around and took tree and soil measurements to compare them with NASA satellite observations. She really enjoys working with a group of scientists all focused on the same goal – to better study the Earth system. In her spare time, Dr. Hoy enjoys outdoor activities – hiking, biking, boating, swimming, and taking her dog for a walk.

Ms. Nikki Tulley is a Research Assistant with NASA’s Wester Water Applications Office (WWAO). Her time at NASA began when she was selected for a summer internship with the WWAO Navajo Nation Drought Severity Evaluation Tool (DSET) project in 2020. In this role, Ms. Tulley was able to create important connections to the community where DSET would be used through developing language connections through the Navajo Language. Her favorite part of working with NASA is that she gets to break down stereotypes and let people know how accessible data is to help their communities. In her spare time and every chance she gets, Ms. Tulley travels home back to the Navajo Nation.

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