NASA Science Live: Our Next Solar Cycle


The Sun goes through regular cycles of activity approximately every 11 years, and tracking these cycles is a key part of better understanding the Sun and mitigating its impacts on human technology and astronauts in space. Join NASA and NOAA experts Tuesday, Sept. 15 at 3:00 p.m. EDT as they discuss predictions for the upcoming solar cycle. Send in your questions by commenting below or by using #askNASA.

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  1. Bureaucratic cretins with PhDs masquerading as "scientist", why they say they're "scientists" they must be
    Listen to the drivel:
    scientists gathering data we're important people, we know stuff we have data

    we're preparing for solar maximum

    we care, we're preparing for space travel, predict prepare mitigate, we be smart and stuff

    we have spacecraft we understand what our star is doing

    you're learning how solar events might effect PV panels –
    scientific measurements groundbreaking science
    data providing key inputs for our models
    – they made the models before the data – them is smart scientists
    – soon their models will have scientific consensus – no doubt
    numerical models from research methods – WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?
    do you people listen to yourselves?
    No chance of a Grand Solar Minimum in that next cycle and some really cold weather, right?

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