NASA Science Live: We’re Going to Venus – NASA Selects Two New Missions


Venus, our planetary neighbor, is a hot, hellish unforgiving world. Its toxic atmosphere and sweltering surface make it a challenging place to study, and it’s been over 3 decades since NASA visited Earth’s evil twin…until now! NASA is sending two bold new missions to study this inferno-like world: DAVINCI+ and VERITAS. Join mission experts Thursday, June 3 at 3:00 p.m. ET on #NASAScience Live and submit your questions for them to answer using #askNASA.

Meet the experts:
Dr. James Garvin is the Principal Investigator for the DAVINCI+ mission. His lifelong passion for Venus began in the Fall of 1979 and he says having the DAVINCI+ mission selected is a dream come true. Dr. Garvin is looking forward to exploring many exciting areas of Venus but says that it will be epic to see the Venus mountains at human scales in 3D with DAVINCI+. When he’s not dreaming about going to Venus, Dr. Garvin loves taking walks with his wife and their dog Glenda and watching ice hockey.

Dr. Susanne Smrekar is the Principal Investigator for the VERITAS mission. She was first hooked on the incredible intrigue of Venus when she was ‘in the room’ with the great minds of geology and geophysics, watching data arrive from the Magellan mission over 30 years ago. It has been her lifelong quest to understand how Earth and Venus have diverged. In her free time, she loves to mountain bike, run, hike and be outside.

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