NASA Spinoff with Seth Green


Actor Seth Green discusses products and technology derived from NASA research, often called “spinoffs”, that are being used to improve life on Earth.
A spinoff is a commercialized product that incorporates NASA technology or NASA “know how” and benefits the public.
Spinoffs promote commercial activity, encourages economic growth, and stimulates innovation in business and commerce.

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  1. What about GPS Navigation systems, Doppler Radar, etc., we interact with with NASA every day in one way or another. Did you know that NASA is given less than .5% of the National Budget? I'd say it is money well spent.

  2. Just returned from a road trip, and cars HAVE become more comfortable. Space exploration technology made possible the cell phone on which i am watching this. Thanks for reminding me, Seth. Hope my baby gets to tour interplanetary space in his lifetime.

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