NASA Transports Space Shuttle Enterprise to New York


On Friday, April 27 Enterprise, the first NASA space shuttle was transported atop a 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft from Dulles International Airport, near Washington, D.C. to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. Enterprise eventually will be displayed at New York’s Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Though Enterprise, the first space shuttle orbiter never flew in space, it was crucial to the Space Shuttle Program because its series of approach and landing tests in 1977 proved the orbiter could fly in the atmosphere and land like an airplane, except without power — like a glider. Includes footage of Enterprise on the ground at Dulles and takeoff from Dulles.

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  1. I live here, and although this seems like such an exciting event, it feels much more like a mourning for me. I get this longing in my stomach and a tear in my eye. Enterprise was ours, belonged to the Space Coast and was virtually what my Florida means to me. Watching her fly away is like waving goodbye to what once made our are area vivacious, prosperous and awe-inspiring. Brevard's economy is dying and America no longer has control of the deep unknown-space.

  2. Hangers, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Space Shuttle Enterprise. It's continuing mission: to sit in a museum for the amusement of tourists, to be ignored by angsty teenagers, to boldly gather dust where no glider has gathered dust before.

  3. i think it is high time,we build a massive ship with bunch of smaller ships.just like what we see on tv and explore the other planets.make sure its big enough to hold families…etc kind of like a large moving world.stop wasting our time studying the small rocks on planets near by.lets get out there.its like we have all this new tech.and it just stops there no one knows what else to do.lets build space ships BIG ONES.

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