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  1. I love these ppl, I always look for them when I'm outside at night. It never fails to leave me in awe as I witness how fast they are moving. I don't really think of them as just a machine racing across the sky, I always think"wow, there are ppl inside that craft and they LIVE in space!!!". Amazing!โค๏ธ

  2. These people are heroes. They manage the divide of our petty angst between countries. To bring our world one step closer to a civilization beyond quarrels and differences to progress our society beyond the means that bind us to our earthly means. There's an ever growing populous that sees the world as a safe haven for us to come back to when we explore those worlds and ideals that differ from our own.
    As an earth planted being I see us as a starting off point to start negotiations. We have so much to learn and our populous will be better off with the knowledge that is learned from the cosmos. Ever closer to god for some, ever closer to the answers for others, all in the same in retrospect.
    Thank you for your work and sacrifice.

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