NASA’s Chandra Finds “Nearby” Black Holes


Astronomers using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory have discovered the first pair of supermassive black holes in a spiral galaxy similar to the Milky Way. Approximately 160 million light years from Earth, the pair is the nearest known such phenomenon. The black holes are located near the center of the spiral galaxy NGC 3393. Separated by only 490 light years, the black holes are likely the remnant of a merger of two galaxies of unequal mass a billion or more years ago.

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  1. @laccyblade Let me guess 2012?……May 21st? Oh wait that already passed..Keep trying he probably did say that but let me tell you something people can tell lies as in scare tactics…

  2. @laccyblade Rather than getting ur mind all bent out of shape listening to all of that "End of the World" junk. How about u go study some actual science on what NASA is really doing via their site. Look, there is always going to be someone at the end of the street saying; "Woe is we, the end is nigh!" Fools have been doing this since the beginning of recorded history, the latest batch of modern day internet fools r no less the same. I suggest u distance your mind from that kind of silliness. 🙂

  3. @hardstyle905 Indeed, if things were to go badly with our galaxies black hole it would be millions of years before we had the effects. Hopefully, that would be long enough for humanity to either live a full evolutionary life & die out, or advance & change enough to figure a way to get the hell out of our galaxy & off to another one. 🙂 Fortunately, galaxies tend to be pretty stable for hundreds of millions of years, that is unless they have other galaxies smashing into them! Um? Andromeda? O.o

  4. @Poetaster7Movement この音楽はゴミです。科学ではなく。あなたは右の冗談ですか?それは科学ではない、離れて行ってください。スパミングのゴミを停止する。Thank you very much. 🙂

  5. @HeadSHOT604 A few billion years??? Only a few billion years??? What are we going to do??? WHAT are we going to DO ???? Only a few billion years and it's all over for all of us !!! O.o I need to build a bunker for my future generations, they'll understand that I thought about their future safety !!!

  6. @laccyblade Please, I say again, get your head out of the silly conspiracy box and back into reality. Operation Eagle Horizon was more than just NASA. Administrator Bolden's video was obviously done to cover as it says, "NASA employees".

    Don't be one of those idiots standing at the bottom of the street bleating "SOMETHING BIG IS GOING TO HAPPEN SOON. NASA YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE!" There is absolutely nothing wrong with being prepared for possible events. e.g. floods, storms, bombs etc

  7. @laccyblade oh and yes .. of course … alien invasions, comets and/or asteroid strikes included! 🙂 I'm guessing you'll go for "asteroid or alien invasion" before climate issues or religious nut-jobs sneaking a nuke or a dirty bomb into your country there, yes?

  8. @laccyblade Lastly, something to help you see more clearly … and I promise, no "asteroids or aliens". O.o

    Operation Eagle Horizon:


    Read into that bit of info what you will. 🙂

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