NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Report #17 — December 7, 2012


A NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover team member gives an update on developments and status of the planetary exploration mission. The Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft delivered Curiosity to its target area on Mars at 1:31:45 a.m. EDT on Aug. 6, which includes the 13.8 minutes needed for confirmation of the touchdown to be radioed to Earth at the speed of light. The rover will conduct a nearly two-year prime mission to investigate whether the Gale Crater region of Mars ever offered conditions favorable for microbial life.

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  1. @ 2:03 – 2:07 " I Noticed a dark Greyish to Black colored SOMETHING – flying in the air …what is that IMAGE" of ?floating in rocky rusty area of rocks …but, spotted in air angled from white mountain area move in slow motion u can see a little smokey substance flying out either dust rock flying in mid-air or what???? Ps. Luv uR Video…go-go-go Curiousity " yEEhAw

  2. Whoops my bad I'm guessing maybe holes from Caves just spotted another one at almost end of video… Boy -0- Boy that one in middle of screen does look kinda weird …next 1" found in bottom of screen right hand side at end of Video… Yup those anglers look pretty Tricky to the Eyes…hahaha …hello it's just CAVES ….in the mountains…thank ya Curiousity awesome….

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