NASA’s Next Budget Advances US Leadership in Space and Science


President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2014 budget request for NASA is a $17.7 billion investment in our nation’s future. NASA’s budget ensures the United States will remain the world’s leader in space exploration and scientific discovery for years to come, while making critical advances in aerospace and aeronautics to benefit the American people.

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  1. Someones got to find a way to get obama to spend more money on nasa like atleast half trillion dollars,a year on nasa.we should all be living in space by know.

  2. 2017 is too far off for something as simple as launching astronauts from US soil to ISS, 2025 is too far off for capturing an asteroid, and the 2030s are to far off for landing on Mars. This new budget must be a joke considering falcon9's successful docking with ISS.

    What is the problem? Nasa would rather pay communists than use private companies to rendevous with ISS?

    Are meteorologists the only people interested in space?

    What's up with cryopropelants? Isn't there a plasma jet on the ISS?

  3. Oh God…

    First, Russia is not communist anymore.

    2025 is for visiting an asteroid, not for capturing one.

    2017 is Congress's deadline for when NASA needs to get a commercial provider ready to take humans to the ISS. And they're paying SpaceX, as well as Boeing and SNC to do that. Dragon won't dock to the ISS with people on board before 2016 and 2017 is the deadline, which is why they said "2017".

    And you really have no fucking clue what a "plasma jet" is, do you?

  4. You won't get anywhere if you won't stop using those fuel rockets of today.
    Since you are aware of ineffectiveness of those why are you still keep using them?
    In my opinion you should start searching another way of getting into space and for doing that you have to start changing the way we produce energy… those burning oil and coal methoods must stop if you want the Human kind to move further, so thirst make a research for new technology because the way you are now you are not getting anywhere

  5. NASA is getting science done! Imagine how much we can accomplish if its budget were doubled to one penny of a tax dollar. NASA is the only organization that can make our dreams a reality! 

  6. This is a nice piece of propaganda, it's funny that we can't live in peace on earth, we lack the will or interest to solve simple problems on this planet yet we think we are ready to lead in space, funnel billions of tax dollars through private companies while putting Americans, their children, their children's children into more debt than anyone has ever seen.
    Take careful note of the motive to "lead" dominate (secure the high ground)  the world which seems to be one the US's primary objective, how about we all try to work together in this global village eliminate hunger, reduce global warming, help all humans attain life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? My point is if all we promote is war, hatred and death on earth, how will ramping space exploration help?

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