New Horizons arrives at Pluto on This Week @NASA – July 17, 2015


After a nearly decade-long journey, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft arrived at Pluto on July 14 – passing by at a mere 7,750 miles above the surface … resulting in an absolutely breathtaking image – the closest ever of Pluto. Initial congratulations included a Twitter post from the White House … and from iconic figures in the scientific community. The so-called “data waterfall” released by New Horizons contains so many astounding images and detailed information about Pluto that investigators anticipate it will take about 16 months to send it all back to Earth. Also, Mariner 4 Mars flyby anniversary, Newman sworn-in, New wildfire detection tool, Expedition 44/45 prepares for launch and 40th anniversary of Apollo-Soyuz!

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  1. What if the young surface is due to the ice that evaporates and then resettles? That would remove craters wouldn't it without the need for geologic activity? And all the far-off Kuiper Belt objects have eccentric orbits so probably the same process happens there.

  2. Congrats NASA!  I was awake in the wee hours following the historic Pluto flyby and took a screen shot of first image (proudly posted it on my Google+ and Twitter page).  It was all so emotional.  Good job to everyone else involved in this mission!

  3. Man its been such a long time since we get to see Pluto for the first time. I always in my heart consider Pluto as the 9th Planet of our Solar System. I truly believe it and Pluto has 5 Moons you know they should reopen the defination of what is a Planet and what is a dwaft Planet. Cause Pluto is bigger than most people thought Pluto was.

  4. Soooo…. Where's the pictures? All I see is a computer created image of Pluto but, where's the real image? Also if they can(apparently) take pictures of Pluto, whey can't they take a picture of earth or the moon revolving the earth this makes me laugh biggest troll ever well done NASA!!

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