On the shoulders of giants


“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” is the famous quote by renowned scientist Sir Isaac Newton. This is particularly apt as a title for this video summary of ESA astronaut Tim Peake’s Principia mission – named after Newton’s monumental work Philosophiae Naturalis Principia and now building on the work of previous European astronaut missions, while being supported by a huge team of scientists and engineers on the ground.

The music accompanying this video was chosen by Tim, coming from the soundtrack of one of his favourite films, the 2004 movie Layer Cake. This piece is called ‘Drive to the Boatyard’, by internationally known British film composer Ilan Eshkeri. Ilan provided a slightly extended piece specially for ESA.

Tim comments: “I’m delighted with this video, which captures the essence of human spaceflight and natural beauty of our planet from space – all put to Ilan’s inspiring soundtrack!”

More info on Principia: http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Human_Spaceflight/Principia

More about Ilan Eshkeri: http://www.ilaneshkeri.com/

Music by I. Eshkeri, © Ole Colorful Drawings Music Inc. administered by SonyATV Music Publishing

BV ℗ Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

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  1. Amazing view and job… this humans are really great and smart people, Hoy deserve all our support and/or respect….
    Asombrosa vista y buen trabajo … todos los Ingenieros y personas que hacen posible estas tecnologías merecen nuestro apoyo y respeto… Un me gusta sin duda

  2. Dear Esa Team: I would REALLY like to use some of the footage you used in this amazing video as a background for some of my upcomming music on my youtube chanel. i would obviously credit you and link this video in the description etc. PS: i would just take a screenshot of a part of this video and layer a visualizer ontop of said screenschot.
    I hope to hear from you soon, -phil

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