Orion’s first flight on This Week @NASA – December 8, 2014


The successful first flight test of NASA’s Orion spacecraft on Dec. 5 not only was a historic moment for the agency – but also was a critical step on NASA’s Journey to Mars. Orion rode to space from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on a Delta IV heavy rocket with no crew, but loaded with about 1,200 sensors. The flight test basically was a compilation of the riskiest events that will happen when astronauts fly on Orion on deep space missions. Also, Journey to Mars briefing, 1st SLS flight barrel and Commercial crew milestone.

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  1. I met Rex Walheim a few weeks after the last space shuttle mission in Australia. He was shorter than I expected he would be.
    I was excited and nervous to meet him have a photo with him and get his autograph. I will bet he remembers me, the big guy in Melbourne because I was physically shaking.
    I never thought I'd meet an astronaut let alone one from the last sts mission and I only found out he'd be here 24 hours earlier by chance on the news.
    Plus I watched the whole mission on NASAtv that's why I felt like I had a deep connection to him, in a sense I felt like I knew him in a way.
    Great guy.

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