Ping Pong Popper – Sick Science! #209


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Science staples involve things that go boom and things that blast off. With the Ping Pong Popper kids’ science experiment, you’ll take both the booming and blasting to new, hands-on levels. You get to construct popper toy and learn about combustion!

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  1. When the friction of the sparker creates fire temperature increases and if im right Charles law states the increase in temperature is the increase in volume of a gas. The increase in volume creates a higher pressure because the ping pong ball attempts hold in the gas but the force of pressure is to great overpowering it cause the ball becoming a projectile. Also the fire dies out with the plate because fire need oxygen atoms and or oxygen molecules because oxygen is highly flammable

  2. When the rubbing alcohol was exposed to the flame, it created an exothermic reaction which caused the air to heat up and expand, thus pushing out the ping pong ball.

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