Silliness in Smash Bros. 4


After lots of editing thanks the ideas I had with the clips this time, I’m finally done with my next Smash compilation. That said, this may have more “memey” clips than previous vids I’ve done, but there’s still a fair share of normal clips, as I always try to put a balance of sorts.
Considering everything that went into this, I’d like to give a big thanks to Garoam, TheDedBox, Geshtro & SK for helping with certain parts of the vid, along with helping with fine-tuning some of the clips. I don’t think I’d feel as content with this video without their help, so it really means a lot.
Music Used:
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Bringer of Chaos! Ultimate
Ducktales Remastered – The African Mines
Artificial Intelligence Bomb by Naruto
Some minigame song from Magic School Bus Explores The Earth
Wii Party – Minigame Rules/Results

There’s only one Mii other than Sans that shows up in this vid, but I’d only punch in the ID once you’ve finished watching the video: 631PVVR3

Hope you all enjoy!

#SmashBros #Compilation #Memes

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