SOHO’s view of September solar flares


The Sun unleashed powerful solar flares on 6 September, one of which was the strongest in over a decade. An X2.2-class flare was launched at 09:10 GMT and an X9.3 flare was observed at 12:02 GMT. An M-class flare was also observed two days earlier on 4 September.

The images were captured by the ESA/NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, SOHO. The flares were launched from a group of sunspots classified as active region 2673.The shaded disc at the centre of the image is a mask in SOHO’s LASCO instrument that blocks out direct sunlight to allow study of the faint details in the Sun’s corona. The white circle added within the disc shows the size and position of the visible Sun.

More about SOHO:

Credit: SOHO (ESA & NASA)

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  1. Yes, the great flare of 2017 they called it did hit Earth, however, it wasn't as bad as we expected it to be.
    The first shockwave hit last night with a K=4 (Yellow) as opposed to K>4 (Red) which some expected it to be on the KP Index.
    there is a proton radiation storm though that will only affect people in high altitude planes to the ISS.

    There is also an X-9 Flare on the way that is due to hit Earth tomorrow, find more information here

    If people are quite interested in Space weather, then I urge you to subscribe to @Suspicious0bservers for your daily Solar weather along with much more detail.

  2. Can anyone please tell me what that huge dark shadow that seems to come from the sun to outer space and that is always visible on these radars on different locations is? This one for example in the video is at 1 o’clock, that long line shadow looking, what is that and why?
    Thanks to anyone that can help me understand this.

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