That time when infantry dominated heavy cavalry 😮


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  1. Halberds and pikes were never effective on their own, hence why affluent enemies fielded cavalry and swords while the poor spears and infantry. Ambushing knights in a ravine is equivalent to the teutoburg slaughter. Barbarian warriors were no match for roman legionaries but ambushes have a magical effect on morale. With panic, all training and action are lost, nullifying superiority even on individual level. In fear, people do stupid shit, they even call it "stupor". People freeze up, or fight clumsily(skill is gone), friendly fire, stampede their own, etc. That leopold thought going up into the forested mountains without taking care about ambushes goes to show, not how good the swiss were, but how shitty austrian commanders were.

  2. This could’ve been solved.
    1- Fight. Better off sending your horse into the fray as a Fodder then being drowned from fear.
    2- Get the fuck out. Then come right back. Two directions if you can.
    Once you put pace the infantry. You can let them think your gone. They’ll reform.
    If lucky. You can smash at least one side.

  3. Swiss pikemen where deeper in men so vs a normal pike unit swiss won alone in 1v1

    As a swiss man… i tell you dont mess with swisspeople ❤😂

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