Third Rock Radio – Radio Powered with NASA


Explore and discover new worlds of music with NASA’s Third Rock Radio. RFC Media matches “new rock discovery” with tales of NASA’s exciting, on-going mission to create one of the most talked about digital radio channels on, or off the planet. Third Rock fans worldwide share their discoveries from Music Explorers who present ”the best new rock out there – really out there!” Third Rock’s disarmingly hip, street-smart context connects and engages young adults and helps NASA deepen relationships with its next generation of avid supporters. Third Rock Radio is a recognized New Media phenomenon attracting the brightest and best, tech-savvy young adults. Third Rock’s audience is a blend of scientists, engineers, researchers, innovators and astronauts, together with students and music lovers everywhere, all of whom share a love for the new and undiscovered.

Listen Live:

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  1. I listen to 3rd Rock everyday on my PC but I'd love to listen to it on my phone at work but the app doesn't work… It says Station unavailable.

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