Tim Peake mission overview


Named after Isaac Newton’s text Naturalis Principia Mathematica, ESA’s Principia mission will be the eighth long-duration mission to the International Space Station. British astronaut Tim Peake will be launched from Baikonur in Kazakhstan onboard a Russian Soyuz vehicle, spending five months in orbit. He’ll carry out an intensive schedule of European and international experiments, in addition to numerous educational activities from space.

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  1. Hope he takes off safe because this is the most dangerous part – the traditional take off is practically a suicidal mission. You're seating on a pile of metal & trying to light a cigarette next to oxygen acetylene tanks & nitrogen bombs. Mortal danger. When are they gonna find a safer way to take off? It's far too risky for the benefit. NASA lost billions of dollars & irreplaceable human astronauts that way for little scientific benefit that they don't bother returning to the moon. So far what can you do in near space other than placing satelites & repairs? Not much.

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