Venus close-up


Launched in 2005, ESA’s Venus Express spacecraft has been observing Earth’s so called ‘sister’ planet from a unique point of view: in orbit around Venus itself. This mission is providing scientists with detailed information about the Venusian atmosphere and in the course of these studies many surprises have emerged.

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  1. The clouds moving way much faster cause the planet is about to explode the planet is red mixed with orange and the centre of the planet is slowly braking in pieces and the whole planet. Witch means it’s getting lighter and causing everything to move much faster. And while the planet is light the heat has alot of avantage and causing the heat to travel through alll the creases and cracks. It’s like a cookie over cooking and braking apart but this planet like any other planet basically has a heart to run the planet and the heart you know slowly falling apart and just causing the planet to just be a object only moving around the sun at the same circumstances around the sun if you get what I mean only moving the same directions all the time.

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