We Asked a NASA Scientist: Will an Asteroid Ever Hit Earth?


Will an asteroid ever hit Earth? There are no known impact threats, but tiny meteors burn up in Earth’s atmosphere all the time! NASA asteroid expert Dr. Kelly Fast tells us more. Learn more about NASA’s planetary defense efforts: nasa.gov/planetarydefense

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  1. Actually, I wouldn't mind a 5 year lead time on an asteroid large enough to put a huge crater in one of the continents. Lights out for 100,000 years. Because hopefully, it would inspire all the nations of the world to put their petty squabbles aside and work together to save mankind. Sure, the odds on that are about as good as that $2 PowerBall ticket, but those $2 buys you some good fantasizing until you learn someone else won.

  2. Por favor nada acaba urgentemente com a energia ( Luz do planeta Júpiter e saturno e acaba com todos os mecanismo de Marte e Vênus o planeta está em colapso ambiental e precisa de ajuda ka por favor antes de Setembro deste ano

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