What Does an Atom Look Like?


You’ve probably seen atoms like this emoji ⚛ everywhere from science textbooks to the logo for The Big Bang Theory. But what does an atom really look like? The truth is much stranger.
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NOVA Wonders “What’s the Universe Made of?” https://www.pbs.org/video/nova-wonders-whats-the-universe-made-of-2eyoyw/

More information on electron orbitals: http://www.mesacc.edu/~kev2077170/supplements/Atoms&orbitals.pdf

Host, Producer: Greg Kestin
Research and Writing: Samia Bouzid, Greg Kestin
Editorial Input from: Julia Cort, Ari Daniel
Science Consultant: Or Hen
Filming, Editing, and Animation: Greg Kestin
Media: Shutterstock
Special thanks: Entire NOVA team
From the producers of PBS NOVA © WGBH Educational Foundation
Funding provided by FQXi
Music provided by APM

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