What’s new, Atlas?


What have you been up to lately, Atlas?

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  1. So guys I'm here from the futur (2047) (it's seems a little bit fake but) and I want to tell you guys that you're making a big mistake. In 2043 a robot from your company escaped your building with a sort of artificial intelligence but it wasn't that bad because it wasn't a "human robot" it was a robot that was forced to work for you and pick some stuff on the grownd. But everybody was scared about artificial intelligence. In 2044 all was OK and people was forgetting that one of your robot had escaped. In 2046 (last year) one of your robot escaped again and it had artificial intelligence, but it wasn't one of your factory robots. It was a sort of "human robot" it had fingers he didn't have a proper head but he had a titanium shield and all that crazy stuff. I'm from Switzerland so I'm not that in danger. That robot has already killed 582 people and is trying to make him some other robot friend. Me and my grandfather has created a time travel machine and are hiding in a bunker (because of the gouvernement). I have put a Xtt'2 in my phone (it's like a time travel machine but I created it for electronics (so know I can avert you from the danger) if you have some questions please let me know. I will probably be back at 10am eastern time.

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