10 September 2016: Citizens’ Debate on Space for Europe in 22 ESA Member States


On 10 September 2016 about 2000 citizens from 22 European countries will participate in the first Citizens’ Debate on Space for Europe. In the course of the day, citizens will have the opportunity to learn, debate, have their say and participate by suggesting priorities on all aspects of current and future space programmes. This consultation on an unprecedented scale will take place simultaneously in all 22 Member States of the European Space Agency (ESA).

Approximately 100 citizens per Member State will be gathered at various locations. Those selected will be as representative as possible of the population of their country according to socio-demographic criteria. The results of the consultation will be collated – as early as 48 hours after the debate takes place – and communicated to ESA.

The Citizens’ Debate on Space for Europe is a major first – never before has the future of space activities been addressed in such an event held across so many countries.

For more information, and to apply to take part in the debate, visit http://www.citizensdebate.space

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  1. Hey, thank you for the invitation, but IN WHICH CITIES are the debates taking place? It only says Cork and Edinburgh on the linked website, I hope that there are going to be more cities involved.

  2. Will participants be able to bring notebooks or, say, laptops, or anything to have their thoughts/notes with them? What is permitted, and what is not please?
    Thanks for your reply in advance!

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