2013 What Happened This Year @NASA


In 2013, NASA helped transform access to low Earth orbit … even as one of our venerable spacecraft reached the boundaries of the solar system … and we moved ahead on technologies — that will help us carry out an ambitious asteroid mission we announced … and, eventually, move on to Mars.

Here’s a quick trip back through 2013 for those and some of the other big things that happened This Year at NASA.

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  1. All these Indeed Magnificent and Astonnishing Technological, Engineerical, Scientifical huge long list of Exciting achievements are – each and every one of them  – Profoundly Great and all hugely important for not only America as well as for the betterment of the whole Democratic Free Open entire World, but, still I cannot say that I'm that happy & satisfied about the official planned time-schedule for the ORION Project – seems to me that it'll be a heck of a long time to wait until the Very first True Manned testflight of the Orion Spacecraft will take place in, as it is said by now, in 2021!? Is it impossible to speed-up the Project just a little bit, without overriding the narrow financial budget limits that much?
     – Tobbe in Sweden –

  2. and ppl that don't know all this make fun of NASA saying that is over for this guys.. I laugh because look at all they did under a tight budget imagine what they would do if the government would give them triple the amount that they are getting im sure we would have landed on mars by now and we would have been thinking of moving on to the next planet. go NASA you are the future of space 🙂

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