A day in the life of a rocket scientist at ESA ๐Ÿš€ #shorts


๐Ÿš€ Itโ€™s not rocket science… oh wait it is!

Join Ariane 6 launch system architect, Tina, as she shows us a day in her life.

Tina has worked on space transport systems for 20 years now. She first worked on the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), then on the Ariane 5 Mid-life Evolution development and now on Europeโ€™s newest launcher Ariane 6.

How did she become a rocket scientist?

โ€œI was lucky enough to spend some months in French Guiana as a student for an internship and working there got me hooked โ€“ I was determined to come back for my job one day, and here I am: I spent a great part of 2023 in Kourou testing the Ariane 6 propulsion system, together with an amazing team of very skilled professionals.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have a job and colleagues that make me want to get out of bed and into the office every day โ€“ because we love what we do and because the people are simply amazing!โ€

๐Ÿ“น ESA – European Space Agency

#ESA #RocketScience #Ariane6

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  1. Haa!!! When she said "Do you know how much coffee goes into a rocket launch?" the first thought I had was "Hmm, maybe someone should work-out a Spaceman Coffee Index, just like the famed Washington Pizza Index." but infact, maybe it's not just constrained to space agencies, but the whole scientific community, as they all have similar behaviour when close to a breakthrough or atleast some hope of reaching a conclusion, which makes them ignore their bedtimes and work way, way past it. Hence, the later they'll be up until, more the coffee. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Since I'm living in France I know you are indeed mostly drinking coffee, discussing food and vacation and spend too much time in meetings where you have to be to be part of for a few details that could be transmitted in a few minutes. Anyway the good part is that it is probably a fun job and I hope to see Ariane 6 launch soon. That will be awesome.

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