Ariane 6 development: progress on all fronts


These are exciting days at Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana and throughout several sites in ESA Member States as the development of Ariane 6 enters its final phase. Ariane 6 parts are being shipped from Europe for combined tests on the new Ariane 6 launch base. These tests rehearse all activities and systems involving the rocket and launch base on an Ariane 6 launch campaign. On the final test, the Ariane 6 core stage will perform a static hot firing while standing on its recently inaugurated launch pad. It will be from this new launch base that ESA’s Ariane 6 rocket will soon be launched for the first time.

Meanwhile in Europe, Ariane 6’s upper stage will experience the conditions of space at a new test bench at @DLR in Lampoldshausen. After this, all is ready for the much anticipated first flight of ESA’s new heavy-lift rocket from Europe’s Spaceport.

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  1. Unfortunately it is obsolete before even being ready.. Mostly governments will use them as they have to. private companies will probably use SpaceX as it´s way cheaper today. With Starship it will be even cheaper / have more lift capacity.
    B.t.w. even governments in the EU start to use Falcon Heavy instead of Arianne, look for example at the SAR sattelites (SARah) which will replace the older generation (SAR-Lupe) for germany they will be launched by falcon 9.
    There are multiple such cases where even governments inside the EU turn their back on Ariane.
    Not the best outlook..

  2. except is fundamental wokr with space x and body recover systems as things get slight old despite investments and eas test space x is abrupt fast and high tech so body liek falcon 9 is needed also as second version as to easy lauch down and owergrow sector launch in numbers off launch to easy as most sucsses launch made stat with coop work and even copy rights under contract permission as for developing tech oheriws in this 2-3 years oyu lost liek 5-6 years in research which is vast also funding is question if there is no tocamac you question funds would be sky high in question beside long workhouse airbus who stayed in behind scene as in industry so does space x and slight bounce on falcon 9 launch that is not even funy even fundmental

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