#AskNASA┃ Why Are We Going to the Moon?


NASA Chief Scientist Jim Green answers the question “Why are we going to the Moon?” Comment on this video using #AskNASA with your questions for upcoming episodes!

He addresses key questions about our plans to explore the Moon and Mars, including where we will most likely find water on the Moon. Jim shares his extensive background in Planetary Science to explain the significance of returning with international and commercial partners. Jim also highlights how we are currently exploring Mars with the Curiosity rover.

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  1. I was wondering if artifical gravity solutions have been considered for extended space missions? Possibly two modules tethered and rotated? And if they have been considered, under what circumstances would they seem most appropriate?

  2. Live on an alien planet with no water and super caustic dust that scratches all equipment, with -50 kelvin and unbreathable air!!! Woot the lessons from this are going to be huge! Don't bother until you have clean water in your own nation!!!

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