Astronaut Chris Cassidy Thanks Essential Workers from the International Space Station


NASA astronaut and U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Cassidy sends a message from the International Space Station, thanking all on the front lines facing COVID-19, our invisible enemy. From doctors and nurses in our hospitals, law enforcement and firefighters who protect us, warehouse personnel and grocery store clerks who keep the shelves stocked and the economy going – you are an inspiration to all and we sincerely thank you.

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  1. Who among us are sick of rockets not looking like the Star Ship Enterprise? Can we even get a spaceship that looks like the new Lost in Space ship? Or, are we going to keep on getting tubes of white paper towels NASA calls "space stations?" Then perhaps more youth will want to become astronauts.

  2. STOP your long movie NASA …. One day the truth will be clear whether you like it or not… Don’t tell me that you know better about the earth than who created it !!!! …. Your ending by following the ““ *** ””and there money will not be good!!!

  3. Hi NASA I hope when im older im gonna work at NASA but i have a question I want to know about blackholes what do they look like what are they made of what do they look like also are aliens real?

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