Astronaut Class in DC on This Week @NASA


NASA’s newest astronaut class was in Washington, DC recently, discussing the future of human exploration and STEM education at the annual White House State of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math address hosted by Presidential Science Advisor John Holdren. The astronaut candidates shared advice and insight with some students at that event and with more students at a Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum event that included a live conversation with the International Space Station crew. Also, Russian spacewalk, SLS sound test, LADEE mission extended, GPM briefing, and Day of Remembrance.

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  1. i really would like to contribute the science like these people.Unfortunately,because the country i live in doesn't have a space program ,they don't even have plans to have one.I will always admire what you and other space agencies have done.Keep up the good work!And thanks for sharing these videos.They really help. -A 16year old foreigner boy.

  2. I really cant wait to see the Orion space rocket fully functional with the side busters and everything it would feel like seen the atlas V fly for the first time the sheer of power and awesomeness it's to much lol

  3. We cant conquer bone loss this restricts zero g exposure to 300 days with 40% bone loss expected. A mars mission of 500 days can our astronauts open the hatch or stand up. We will see. Anything longer man wont survive this bone loss. ,Mars is a dead world that dont care we bury some humans on its surface. Bone loss and radiation ensures we wont be going to any other star.

  4. Isn't it time for NASA to start building a rotating Space Station. We have the technology already. Of course they can assemble those modules to the size of a big "Space Farris Wheel". Imagine the revenue of a "Space Hotel".

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