Axiom 3 departing the International Space Station 👋 #shorts


European Space Agency astronaut Andreas Mogensen shared this video on social media with the caption:

“After almost six months on the International Space Station, it is time to go home. We have gotten the date for our return: No earlier than 8 March 2024 will Jasmin, Satoshi, Konstantin, and I enter our Crew Dragon “Endurance” and undock from the Space Station and splash down near the coast of Florida. The return is dependent on Crew 8’s launch on the 1 March and weather at the landing site off the coast of Florida.

It has been a fantastic mission, where I became the commander of the crew on Expedition 70, a fantastic international crew where we have explored new science and worked together to make it a great expedition. Unfortunately, the spacewalk I was planned to go out on will not be performed this time, but maybe in the future by another crew.

My Huginn mission has been a dream come true, where I got to live and work on International Space Station once more, this time for a little bit longer than in 2015 😉 I will do my best to make the most of these last few weeks, and at the same time, I look forward to coming home to my family.”

Credits: ESA / NASA

#ESA #Crew7 #ReturnToEarth

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