Battle of Apamea, 998 ⚔️ Basil II, the Bulgar Slayer (Part 2) ⚔️ Byzantium Documentary


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🚩 After his debacle at the Gates of Trajan, Basil has come into his own over the years. He defended Constantinople and had successfully managed the civil war in Anatolia, the Fatimid invasion in the east, and had made inroads into Bulgaria as well.

🚩 I work with History Rhymes on this series and am very happy with how it’s shaping up. We have 5 episodes completed and another 2 in the making. The 7 episodes in total will document the fascinating rule of Basil II and cover some of the key battles during his reign.

📢 Narrated by David McCallion

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  1. He had rebellions in the south along with the Fatimid campaigns and Tao support to the rebels in the East and finally Bulgarians in the North , yet he came out on top .

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