Battle of Assandun, 1016 ⚔️ Cnut the Great conquers England


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➤ Narration: David McCallion

➤ Awesome online sources that helped with our research for this topic, check them out!

– Rex Factor podcast: – a fantastic podcast about the kings of Britain, highly recommended for any history lover.

– Rex Factor blog: – concise and excellently written.

– A Clerk of Oxford: – a well researched in-depth series about the Danish conquest of England.

– Patricia Bracewell: – excellent piece that also touches a bit more on the battle itself.

➤ Sources:
Swein Forkbeard’s Invasions and the Danish Conquest of England, 991-1017 – by Ian Howard

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle – translated by Rev. James Ingram

William of Malmesbury: Gesta Regum Anglorum – The History of the English Kings (Oxford Medieval Texts) – translated by R.A.B. Mynors, R.M.Thomson, M. Winterbottom

The Battle of Maldon: Fiction and Fact, Ed. J. Cooper

Chronicle of John of Worcester – translated by J. Bray, P. McGurk

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