Battle of Cannae, 216 BC ⚔️ FULL DOCUMENTARY ⚔️ (Hannibal PARTS 11 – 13) – Second Punic War


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📝 This is the full documentary of the Battle of Cannae from our Hannibal series, parts 11-13, a detailed analysis of Hannibal’s biggest tactical masterpiece.

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

🚩 Graphics:
Many thanks to Fabio Naskino Fiorenza for allowing us to use his fantastic Hannibal portrait. Check out more of his work here:

🎼 Music:
Peaks of Atlas – Omri Lahav

📝 Sources:
Adrian Goldsworthy – Cannae, Hannibal’s Greatest Victory
Adrian Goldsworthy – Fall of Carthage
Robert L. O’Connell – The Ghosts of Cannae
Nigel Bagnall – The Punic Wars, 264 – 146 BC
Mark Healy – Cannae 216 BC
Adrian Goldsworthy – Roman Warfare
Polybius – Histories
Dexter Hoyos – A companion to the Punic Wars

#hannibal #carthage #rome

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  1. shame shall fall on the whole of youtube, for glorifying the unworthy, while the likes of historymarch, has far less than what they deserve, but heads up brother! your channel shall live longer than any and you know why, thank you, i hope that i could one day support this channel on patreon, but i am unable to fund it now with anything other than my love.

  2. I did something like this at an American civil war event during a set of living historian war game. 😂 the opposing side was pissed my ex wife or my wife at the time told me I couldn’t pull it off . HEHE nothing like leading 400 real people in field war games .

  3. Dude, I cannot wait for Parts 14. Awesome analysis with very good visual presentation.
    I think your voice is very suitable for these kinds of documentary video. I can see your voice expression and it just sounds awesome.

    Only issue I have… is when you speak for advertisement, it just throws me away into some sort of awkwardness
    Hearing advertisement with documentary style voice sounds… odd.

    I dunno how to describe. It gives really odd feeling.
    Unexpected style of ad. I somewhat enjoying this odd feeling but at the same time, it really feels awkward.
    Anyone feels same?

  4. I'm calling bullshit.
    The romans had 50 000 professional soldiers encircled by a much smaller force, and for some reason they all died with barely any casualties on the opposite side?
    That story is mythology, that never happened.

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