Battle of Dyrrachium, 48 BC ⚔️ Caesar’s Civil War


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➤ Narration: Alexander Doddy

➤ Graphics and animations: Hoc Est Bellum

➤ Editing, music, sound effects: HistoryMarche

➤ Sources
Appian – Historia Romana
Plutarch – Life of Caesar
Caesar – De bello civili
Pharsalus, 48BC – Si Sheppard

#caesar #romanempire #pompey

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  1. You really used Life of Caesar podcast as a source?? I’m 8 minutes in and I don’t think I’ll finish this. You can’t tell this story in 20 minutes. You need 20 minutes to explain why he crossed the Rubicon. I also signed up for Curiosity Stream not very impressed so far only searched Rome not much there and what they do have is not very good. I’ll give it a good look but thanks for the free month.

  2. You’re only as good as your rivals. Pompey showed here he could go toe to toe with a great. Also it should be emphasized that Caesar lost this siege, while he regrouped and won at Pharsalus.

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