Battle of Keresztes, 1596 AD ⚔️ ALL PARTS ⚔️ What happens when you don’t give up ⚔️ Full Documentary


🚩 I combined all episodes of our Battle of Keresztes series into one video for easier viewing. I hope you enjoy this epic clash between the Ottomans and Habsburgs – this battle shows that as long as you stay in the fight, you have a chance of winning.

🚩 This video was produced in collaboration with the Historyverse: Check out their channel and give them the credit that they deserve.

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

📜 Research and writing: Historyverse

🎼 Music:

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  1. 43:45, why don't the Sultan send cavalry to attack the European Artileri near mezokretstez, with backing from janisaries , the European Will lose their power in the left of the artileri got damaged or it's crew killed, i use that scheme when facing similar situation when playing Napoleon total War, the cavalry then will retreat after managed to kill the artileri crew, the attack Will be bait to lure some European cavalry to mezokretstez and trap them here with janisari and artileri , or if he lucky the attack Will weaken the European battle formation so the Ottoman Army under Ibrahim Pasha can do better

  2. Love this channel, very good coverage of this war. I also find the bloody revenge raids between the Cossacks and Crimean Tartars very interesting over this time period, even when the Habsburgs and Ottomans were at peace they couldn't stop these people from killing each other.

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