Battle of Keresztes (Part 1/3) ⚔️ Ottoman Superpower clashes with Europe


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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

📜 Research and writing: Historyverse

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  1. In the first battle of Haçova, the advance gard of the Shahani army lost 1,100 martyrs and withdrew after leaving 42 cannons, while the European Crusader army lost hundreds casualties to Hell

    But the Ottoman Muslims retaliated, supported by 40,000 Tatars, in the Great Battle of Haçova after 4 days, which is considered the biggest victory of the Ottoman Muslims . They exterminated 70,000-150,000 crusaders accordong to sources in the field and during the pursuit, and tens of thousands drowned in the Tiza River and the nearby swamps.

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