Battle of Morgarten, 1315 ⚔️ Rise of the Swiss


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➤ Narration: David McCallion

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➤ Sources:
The Swiss way of war – by Richard A. Gabriel

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  1. This seems quite similar to the Battle of Lake Trasimene, an on-paper weaker force luring the enemy into a narrow waterside valley and attacking from above. Is there any evidence they were inspired by this?

  2. The Knights Templar were in Switzerland in 1315, but they weren't called Knights Templar, they were just part of the Swiss population. They came from aristocratic bloodlines and they intermarried among their own kind and they founded the modern banking system in Switzerland. They were not intimidated by the Austrian King's invasion of Switzerland. The Templar were themselves blue bloods and willing to fight other blue bloods to get what they want.

  3. Why would anyone ever march through a narrow mountain pass or anything even remotely similar whatsoever? Under any circumstsnces? It's usually just pure suicide.

  4. Yo read the manga called "Wolfsmund" it is the story about the Swiss and how brutal their independence came to be. great manga but pretty brutal and the author don't have feelings for his characters.

  5. Its a really nice video! You told the story like i learned it in school. It's very weird that 700 Years ago there was a war where I life now.😅 Best regards from Morgarten!

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