Battle of the Kalka River, 1223 AD


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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

🎼 Music, courtesy of EpidemicSound

#mongolempire #genghiskhan #conquerorsblade

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  1. هل من الممكن اعداد حلقة عن معركة المنصورة و أسر لويس التاسع ملك فرنسا و بروز القوة العسكرية للمماليك بقيادة الظاهر بيبرس

  2. Please stop conflating the meaning of the word Rus with Russia. Rus Principalities gave eventual rise to countries such as Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.
    By equating Rus to Russia, you play into Russian propaganda that is trying to claim the total heritage of the Rus.
    One simple fact is that Kyiv, or as you may know it as Kiev, the de-facto capital of the Rus Principalities is a capital of Ukraine – not Russia!

  3. I really would love that mongol empire didn't expand all they brought was death and plague they didn't mean good I feel bad for people in those times having to expirience this horror 😥

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