Battle of the Three Kings, 1578 ⚔️ The Kings clash at Alcácer Quibir


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➤ Narration by: David McCallion

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  1. لا غالب إلا الله muslim moor and proud of it
    Sebastian: It's better for you to give up, Moroccans
    Moroccans:hold my tajin😆😂😂
    Keep up the good work thank you !

  2. According to Ottoman sources (Osmanli Imparatorluğu tarihi -Yilmaz Öztuna) , the battle lasted 4 hours and 20 minutes, 30,000 Ottoman soldiers led by Ramadan Pasha participated and the number of the Crusaders was 80,000 with 360 cannons,(nearly the same number of muslims) 20,000 of crusaders were killed and 40,000 captured and 20,000 escaped but Muslims followed for three days by land and sea, thousands were killed or drowned .. As for King Sebastian, he was killed before he fled, but Muhammad, the traitor, was captured and then beheaded.

  3. (Ramadan Pasha crushed the Crusader (Portuguese-Spanish) army decisively in a few hours (more than 4 hours and a third of the hour), the enemy lost about 20,000 dead and about 40,000 prisoners. 20,000 enemy soldiers managed to escape and resort to the fleet in the coast dispersedly The king of Portugal and the Portuguese chiefs of state were among the dead. The Ottomans seized 360 cannons. Ramadan Pasha ordered the killing of Muhammad II, who had called on the Christians, immediately(…..)The Pasha chased the enemy to the coast of the Atlas and gave the Ottoman fleet led by Sinan Pasha the order of attack. The Portuguese fleet was unable to move and rotate due to the fatigue of the defeated soldiers … many Portuguese ships sank and thousands of Portuguese died. The muslims rescued 500 of them from water to the Ottoman ships, the Ottomans did not lose a single ship)
    Yılmaz Öztuna: Osmanlı İmparatorluğuTarihi V1 Page 388

  4. It is not reasonable to occupy a large country like Morocco with 23,000 men and the other thing the Portuguese did not have a technological advantage..The technological advantage began with the industrial revolution in the late eighteenth century

  5. My friend juste when you pronounce a name like Abd el malik or abd el Karim our other names like those you most prounce it all because El Karim and El Malik are names of God (Allah) in Islam and Abd mean servent .thanks

  6. abd al malik is a real man a real hero , he died fighting and he died gracefully head down and still sitting on his horse I cryed a bit made me tear full not because he won battle but the way he died .

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