#BeAnAstronaut: Why Did You Want to Be an Astronaut?


To explore the unknown. To be part of a team. A love of science, math, engineering and technology.
We asked our newest graduates why they wanted to #BeAnAstronaut. It turns out, there isn’t just one reason. What will be yours? Applications are open until March 31, 2020: https://www.nasa.gov/astronauts

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  1. Kiedy agencja NASA przyzna oficjalnie że od dawna ma kontakt z Ufo i prowadzi misje na Marsie z ludzmi? Dlaczego oszukujecie wszystkich o swoich odkryciach? Prawda was zniszczy.

  2. I wish to one someday, I want to see space from iss how amazing it is going to be that u go in space n see u r a smallest part in this whole universe. I always wanted to see earth frm space.

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