Blue Dot mission summary


ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst spent 166 days in space with NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman and Roscosmos commander Max Suraev in 2014.

This ten-minute video shows highlights of his Blue Dot mission, from docking spacecraft to science and spacewalks Alexander worked to improve the International Space Station and life on Earth.

From launch to landing, look at the experiments and beautiful images Alexander shared with us.

For more about the Blue Dot mission go to:

Connect with Alexander at

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  1. Fantastic video!! It shows us in short sequences how was his life on ISS! You should make more videos like this for every ESA astronaut that was out there.It will be great summary of their contribution to science! 🙂

  2. One thing I don't understand why the entire Soyuz spacecraft is being undocked from ISS? Why can't the descent module pop up and the body to remain? I thought the idea for the space station is to grow.

  3. We see you and the other Astronauts dressed and climb into the Soyuz. We see the hatch open at the ISS but you emerge in overalls. How do you change in that tiny space?

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