Build a Light Bulb – Sick Science! #079


Read the full experiment at When you are conducting experiments and demonstrations using electricity, you’ll use the science of circuits. Amazing things are possible with circuits including alarms, radios, and lights. In the Build a Light Bulb experiment, you’ll use household items to construct a complete circuit that results in a homemade light bulb.

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  1. Do you think the brand of the lead/carbon matters? It did not work with one brand and worked better with another one. Also do you think it matters if we use alligator clips with a single copper wire? 

  2. For the longest time it didn't work, but turns out some of the batteries just weren't touching underneath the tape (with tape over them push them together manually). I also tossed out the pan because it really only serves as a way to capture the broken lead. Also if you don't have thick lead and the lead keeps breaking, just line up two leads into the alligator. It should workout; hope I was some help because I know I couldn't find any useful comments.

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