Caesar’s Civil War (Part 2) – Battle of Pharsalus


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➤ Sources
Appian – Historia Romana-Civil Wars
Plutarch – Life of Caesar
Caesar – De bello civili
Pharsalus, 48BC – Si Sheppard
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Kevin MacLeod “The Descent”
Kevin MacLeod “Drums of the Deep”
LionFreeMusic “Dramatic War Tension Background Instrumental”
RoyaltyFreeZone “The guardians”
RoyaltyFreeZone “Monsters”
Abraham Cupeiro : Cornu de Pompeii (a small bit)

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This is the continuation of the mini series about “Caesar’s civil War”.
The battle of Pharsalus was the decisive engagement that cemented Caesars legacy and finalized the procedure of Rome’s transition from a Republic to an Empire.
Caesar’s civil war would continue even after Pharsalus but that was the turning point.

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    I want to thank HistoryMarche for helping me to promote my work at these early stages of the channel.

    Side notes:

    1)The Syrian legions positioned at the center of Pompey's formation were survivors from the "Battle of Carrhae"

    2) Even though Caesar was the "absolute master" of the Roman Empire after the battle of Pharsalus, his civil war would continue for quite some time and in many different theaters.

    3) Caesars cavalry and light troops are not mentioned anywhere in our sources after Pompey's own cavalry flight, the way they move here opposite to the hills is just my suggestion of what they might have done after they "disappear" from the ancient sources, my best guess is that they probably opposed the Pompeian cavalry as it was fleeing, just in case they might decide to return before the battle was over.

    Also the hidden words in pompeys speech (a post production oversight)are from up to bottom, "AND" "BEFORE" "AGAINST"

  2. really nice,ionly one thing to correct though…

    the triplex axies was checkerboard like positioning with 3 lines of diffrent units divided in manipuls…Hastati,Principes,Triarii (not mentioning cavalry support etc.) gaps between units were probably same size then that of the manipul
    …Since marian reforms and the inention of cohorts, the Romans stopped the triplex acies,and deployed in tight line with narrow gaps…just like in the animation…:)

    beside that,the video is awesome

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