Did Manzikert break the Byzantine Empire?


🚩 A clip from the Battle of Manzikert documentary, see the full video here: https://youtu.be/VxXtAJZcNjo

#history #documentary #medieval

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  1. funny how turkey was christian for so much time like more than 1000 years
    at 1 CE roman empire was at its height
    so more than 1000 years turkey was christian
    more time than ottoman empire which disintigrated at like 1800s

  2. after the battle bulgarians and serbs were at open rebelion, the infamous Rousel de bailleuil created his own kingdom and don't even count the roman rebellions to take the throne. Not many romans fighted in the battle because the emperor was betrayed by andronikos doukas. So no turks were not the reason

  3. We Turks act in nobility in victory and in defeat. Alparslan treated Dyogenes with respect, sign a reasonable treaty with him and escorted him to back to his land with gifts, armed escorts and captured by Doukas men was blinded on the spot where he was captured.

    We respect other languages, nationaliesand try to rule by justice not try to enforce the people to commit in to our own culture. That ended tragicly for Turkish empires but better to be just then to be cruel and rule in horror.

    Stop rewriting history with biased accounts.

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