Earth from Space: Danube Delta


The Copernicus Sentinel-2 takes us over the second largest river delta in Europe, in this edition of the Earth from Space programme.

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  1. Hey, spacegirl is back! Awesome!
    Almost missed it; my notifications seem to be completely self aware now. They do however seem not aware of me. Anyway, good to see new footage coming! 👍

    P.S. Die schöne blaue Donau looks kinda green… but beautiful nonetheless 😊

  2. I dont live in Romania anymore. Nothing will ever change there, especially the coast and the delta. Nevertheless, satellite imagery is amazing and highly enjoyable. Keep it up!

  3. I'm saying this with love because I like ESA and I find this series interesting.
    It seems most of the comments just like to say "I love you ESA", "I want to be an astronaut one day", kisses and hugs, whatever the quality of the video.
    I felt that this video was not up to standard compared to previous videos of the series.
    Nearly 1.5min of the 4min video were the new unnecessary intro (we already know from the title of the video what the subject is) and the copy-paste outro.
    This left only 2.5min of useful time, and in that, the delta itself was superficially mentioned. What is its importance for animal life? For the economy? What is its future? Is it threatened? These can't be shown with Sentinel images? Well, in other videos in the past you have added info not related to the images, and it was interesting.
    The Germany, Austria, Hungary, etc. part (0:57) was amateurish and could have been better shown with a map.
    In the end, what have we learned from this video? The names of a few lakes in Romania and Ukraine, names which we have already forgotten.
    End of rant.

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