Emden ⚔️ The Swan of the East (World War 1)


★ Emden – The Swan of the East ★

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  1. Really informative and something i knew nothing about…i could probably tell you more about ancient sea battles or the battles or Yi Sun-Sin(Korean Admiral) than i could about WW1 WW2 …

  2. I absolutely love the cryptography at the end! Very neat!
    All I can think of is how poor the average British or German citizen lived (bare cupboards and little luxuries) while wearing nations sent hundreds of millions of dollars worth of merchandise to the bottom of the ocean. Plus the men that died needlessly. All because a few Kings wanted more power or prominence.

  3. I never heard that about the EMDEN's flag and I'm confused as the graphic shows a St. George's cross with what looks to be more a British crown rather than an imperial German crown. Did they somehow nick an ensign from SYDNEY and confusion set in? Maybe it's the SYDNEY's ensign from the battle with EMDEN?

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