ESA 2012 Highlights


2012 has been a very busy and fruitful year for ESA.

In particular it will remain as a historical year for European launchers since it saw the successful qualification flight of the new Vega from Kourou and the birth of Ariane 6 which was decided at the Ministerial Council in Napoli last November.

This video proposes to look back at 2012 with an overview of ESA missions and events.

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  1. Listening to this video from a computer using a 4+1 audio surround system I have the feeling that you have totally inverted the audio streams: I can barely hear the narrator's voice coming from my bass box but all the ambient sounds (countdowns, ISS ventilation, etc…) are crystal clear. 🙁

    Edit: Apparently there are similar comments on other videos uploaded by ESA (for example "Ministerial: Technology and Quality"). Are those videos supposed to be heard only in Mono?

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